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Addressed Need #1 An Immense Data Collection Clock.

The World needs a positive, unifying mechanism.The JobSpectrum™provides a virtual, mechanized, historical Clock that will show how civilization Thinks of itself, reflected on a monthly basis. From there, it will be able to show a myriad of possibilities to move forward based upon the accumulated data.

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Addressed Need #2 - Assigning Value to Undervalued or New Jobs

"Who is going to pay for it?" "How do we compensate content providers, bloggers, gardeners, hospice nurses, etc?" If these guilds score consistently higher in the JobSpectrum™ results, they can more afford to do what they do, separate from the economy to which they belong presently.

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Addressed Need #3 Nimbleness to deal with Unexpected Challenges.

Along that same line of thought, when disaster or tragedy strikes, Guilds can be swiftly created. Those who can join will be able to react AND get compensated by the Participants.

Addressed Need #4 They don’t build them like they used to.

When the Artisan Guilds consistently score higher in the JobSpectrum™ rankings, these crafts will be able to more sustain themselves to do the types of work that are more labor-intensive because they will be receiving a livable wage to free them up to work their true calling.

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Addressed Need #5 - A Job Creator in an of itself.

TheJobSpectrum™ will be the generator of Guild Managers, Promoters, Mathematicians, Actuaries, Analysis, Technologists, Statisticians, Video and Television jobs to start. If you compare it to the jobs surrounding the Stock Market & its analysis and execution, that is what the potential could be.

Addressed Need #6 - Everyone Can Choose to Participate.

The Handicapped, the Homeless, Non-Profits, the Elderly, the Disenfranchised - all can create Guilds and Have a Say. When their specific Guilds consistently score higher, they will reap the benefits.

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Addressed Need #7 - Assigning meaning. Being a part of something bigger than ourselves.

This is at the heart of what theJobSpectrum™ Will Do. That the Powerful Play Goes On. And theJobSpectrum™ will give all of us. A Chance. To Contribute a Verse.

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8 Hours, Once Every 4 Months - 24 Hours a Year.

This is what theJobSpectrum™ asks of all of us. It's free - no money down. Your Time is the Labor that will give your Say and the Guild to which you belong Value.

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