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theJobSpectrum™ White Paper: ‘Manufacturing Data—with Meaning™’

as a way to incorporate Consciousness & New Opportunity into the Modern Economy

by blakeArt                                                                            published 15.03.20  4:32 am giza mean time

Premise: The Droids Are Taking Our Jobs

According to Andrew McAfee, ‘the Droids are taking our Jobs.’ In his co-authored book, ‘Race Against the Machine:  How the Digital Revolution is Accelerating Innovation, Driving Productivity, and Irreversibly Transforming Employment and the Economy,’ McAfee makes one thing clear: that our future will consist of more workers, and fewer opportunities to become a productive, paid part of the workforce.

A large majority of jobs that currently require a human will be performed more efficiently by computers and robots in the not-too-distant future. McAfee has the credentials to support this claim – he is currently a principal research scientist at the Center for Digital Business in the MIT Sloan School of Management, and previously a professor at Harvard Business School and a fellow at Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society.

He states in his 2012 TEDTalk by the same title that:

“In the Future, we are going to transition into an economy that is very productive, but that just doesn’t need a lot of human workers. And managing that transition is going to be the greatest challenge that our society faces. Voltaire summarized why when he said that Work saves us from three great evils – boredom, vice, and need.”

Despite this challenge, McAfee remains hopeful. As a self-described ‘Digital Optimist,’ he is supremely confident that digital technologies being developed now will take us into a Utopian, not a Dystopian future.

So when does this so-called future begin? It begins now.

The Solution: theJobSpectrum™

TheJobSpectrum™ will address this imminent shift and provide a tool or ‘Keystone’ that will help ease society through this transition and beyond. It blends all the most positive aspects of our modern society with the many Universal Truths and Positives that have existed throughout history. To again quote from Andrew McAfee’s TEDTalk:

“Economies don’t run on Energy, they don’t run on Capital, they don’t run on Labor – Economies run on Ideas. So the work of Innovation, the work of coming up with new Ideas, (this) is some of the most powerful and most fundamental work we can do in an Economy.”

Compare & merge this Thought Structure® with Terrence McKenna, famous alternative thinker, philosopher and psychonaut, who stated that:

“ …the greatest good you can do, is to bring back a new idea, because our world is in danger by the absence of good ideas. Our world is in crisis because of the Absence of Consciousness. And so to whatever degree any one of us, can bring back a small piece of the picture and contribute it to the building to the new paradigm, then we participate in the redemption of the human spirit, and that after all that’s what it’s really all about.”

theJobSpectrum™ is a glimpse at how I interpret the workings of what McKenna called ‘The Transcendental Object  at the End of History.’

It is my contention that this Object looks, acts and behaves much like the Mandelbrot Set, imbedded with the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Sequence, in a three-dimensional, ‘physical,’ comprehensible format. The design of the theJobSpectrum™  utilizes this theory and brings forth the Lattice that can propel modern society towards the Positive. This is accomplished thru the synthesis of Sacred Geometry and Mathematics, combined with modern economic concepts related to the Jobs we all do, thru Marketing, Advertising, Statistical Analysis and modern Economic Theories.

Just as the Mandelbrot Set was not possible until the advent of computers, the ‘physical manifestation’ of the theJobSpectrum™  was not possible until now.

Simply put, the starting point is achieved through a self-similar 3 question survey with one changing variable. This variable is the numbers of different Guilds that exist within theJobSpectrum™ at any time.

The Results of the surveyManufacture Data—With Meaning™,’ getting as many individuals involved as possible, as voluntary  Participants.  These Participants and the Data they generate will be arranged upon this Thought Structure® Lattice, according to the Laws of Nature, Mathematics & Sacred Geometry, thru its unique design and principles.

This in turn builds an Index, which will literally provide infinite opportunity for Reflection, Pattern Recognition, Discussion & Analysis, Content Generation, Employment Opportunities, and above all tremendous Job Creation.

theJobSpectrum™ itself has imbedded throughout the design of its Mechanism the spiral structure upon which nature depends. This principle is based upon the earliest Stories and Myths discussed by Walter Cruttenden’sLost Star of Myth and Time’ which in turn reference and are built upon the landmark work ‘Hamlet’s Mill’, by co-authors Hertha von Dechend & Giorgio de Santillana, a former professor of the History of Science at MIT.

‘The Grinding of the Grains’ that is a metaphor for the Stars’ constant circling in the night sky over the ages – the one constant that any human observed living upon the surface of the earth. This metaphor from ‘Hamlet’s Mill’ is mirrored in the Data collected, displayed & shared by theJobSpectrum™.

But instead of grinding down, the Mechanism of tJS™ works & grows upward more like a vine in a vineyard, which cultivates the different aspects of the Participants & Guilds in a Natural, Categorized (like grapes on the vine), Mathematical arrangement. This ‘in turn’ works to produce a more enlightened ‘Structure of Thought®,’ the building of a symmetrical, pleasing and benevolent Consciousness that adds fluctuating, but ever-present Value to all of us and the Jobs we perform.

This is the New ‘Fruit of our Labor,’ displayed as a Monetized, Data-Driven Art Instillation on the World Wide Web. A keystone, springboard, lattice and engine for the myriad, plentiful directions of what Western Civilization considers ‘Work’.

The Artist formerly known as blakeArt is an ‘Artist First’ Advertising Professional, based in Chicago, Illinois. theJobSpectrum™ was born from his Artwork and his love and contemplation of Baseball Statistics. theJobSpectrum™ is his attempt to express this statistical formula and the Mystical as a Virtual Participatory Art Installation. He considers himself a ‘Generalist’— his wide ‘Spectrum’ of interests have given him a very broad-based knowledge about a wide variety of subjects, which he has injected into this gumbo of an idea.

Keywords: Mathematics, Science, Lean Startup, Economics, Innovation, Consciousness, Fibonacci, Emerging Markets, ‘Hue More Ist’


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