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theJobSpectrum™-Discover a ‘Brand-New’ Archetype

On the Monday after the Spring Equinox, the theJobSpectrum™ Archetype (definition), Concept and Mechanism will soft launch.  To start, we will be a bit rough around the edges. As we move forward towards the Positive, we’ll become more streamlined.


John Turturro, as Abner Doubleday, addresses reluctant recruits to try out his new ‘Sport of his own Devising’ – an apt example of what we are doing here @theJobSpectrum.

The goal is to find ways for modern civilization, with all its fluctuating  challenges, to assign value to our rapidly evolving  job categories. We arrange these into 21 ‘Starter’ Guilds.

By far the biggest challenge facing us is the question of ‘What is theJobSpectrum™, and what does it do?’

The bottom line is this:  theJobSpectrum™ is a Survey-Based Mechanism.  It uses preexisting, proven concepts and knowledge to frame and rearrange the way we Assign Value to the different Jobs we all do. And surveys, as annoying as they are, are easy and open enough for anyone to Participate.

But to expand on this with Humor and Insight, here’s a link from a Netflix original movie ‘The Ridiculous 6’, just released in December of last year… (sorry about the video window size):

Just after a minute or two of this clip, you get the idea. This completely encapsulates what theJobSpectrum™ is attempting to accomplish.

It is apropos that the Origins of Baseball, humorously portrayed here, is an excellent example of the potential tJS™ holds in regards to ‘Sportifying’ the worlds of business and economy.  Baseball is a tremendous statistical and data generator.  This is the correlation and the Genesis of theJobSpectrum™ – conceived thru the contemplation of Baseball statistical anomalies, discussed at length here.

It is a total ‘chicken before the egg’ scenario.

We need to convince people to ‘play the game’ before advertisers will start to see the value of a totally new type of media.

An Archetype of a New Media Channel that is ‘owned and split’ between those who Participate. By those who are actually ‘playing the game.’

But remember, Budweiser, Johnson & Johnson, Chevrolet & Xbox weren’t out out there peddling their wares in the early days of baseball either.

We imagine it happened like this:

One day, some enterprising businessperson observed the crowd surrounding this group of guys in the park, hitting a ball with a stick and running around like crazy people.  They probably said to themselves, ‘I’m going to wheel my hot dog cart over there, and sell them to those crazy people watching that bizarre activity.’

Therefore, the Survey Archetype accumulates this vibrant value index.  By ‘Manufactured Data—with Meaning™, we are and will be able to apply this value, in a myriad of different and exciting ways. By this action we can begin to address the many issues modern society faces, in a compelling, Artful way.

I have no doubt this will start drawing a crowd, a crowd that matters and makes a difference.

So join us. Join us in being Crazy, like those early Baseball players and fans.

Be a part of trying a completely new, ‘Art Between the Ears’ concept.

Because after all, this is a Web-based, Participatory Art Installation, at the Core of its Intent.

Something that is a completely ‘Brand New’ Archetype.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments, issues or requests, especially regarding the Functionality – Matt can be reached at blakeArt@theJobSpectrum.com.





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