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theJobSpectrum™ Beta2 Results – Guild Ranking comparison

01tJSCompareScorpThis is the first monthly Ranking result for the 21 ‘Starter Guilds’ , the very generalized ‘Seedling’ categories. The accumulative score of theJobSpectrum™ 3 question survey, are how the rankings were tabulated. Click on the Link if you’d like to see the sample of the actual survey. Feel free to register and fill it out.

Guild #3, farming and Food Industries, came in first with a combined score of 21.92857, while Guild #13, General Insurance Industries / Risk Pools, with a combined store of 10.85714. We’ll show more of the actual Guild Scoring in the Beta2 Results – Money Distribution. You can see that section in more detail of the actual scores and the by clicking the link.

I was very surprised to see that Guild #3, Farming and Food Industry, came in first in this inaugural list. It wasn’t really top of mind for me, but within even this very small sample, this was utmost in the minds and importance for many in this initial Beta result.

02tJSCompareSagitThe Second Beta Test Results to the left show plenty of interesting movements of the guilds up and down the Rankings, most notably Guild #2, the most generalized guild Business Placement Recruiting and the Unemployed guild, which jumped up 6 places from 12th to the Rank of 6th place.

Guild #8, Military, Public Service and Disaster Response comes in first, up from second last month. Guild #10 Government Workers comes in last out of the 21, dropping 4 spots.

You can see a ‘stratification’ early on here of certain Guilds maintaining a general area where groups of guilds are bunched together. with movement within the groups – guilds 1-5, then 6-12, 13-17, then 16-21.

03tJSCompareCapri The third month results show a very chaotic movement within the strata, but there are still 4 separate distinct groups within the guilds 1-5, followed 6-12, 13-17, then 16-21. The lone exception is Guilds #16 & #19 briefly changing 16&17th place last month.

We changed the name of Guild #2 to General Skilled Tradesman… + College Students to more better clarify the previous guild. Still very general, but more precise a name. Guild #9 jumps up from 4th to first, while Guild  #1 comes in last – the other generalized “catchall” non-specific guild.

The forth and final month results of this Beta Test again show the healthy chaotic movement within the strata. but there are still 4 separate distinct groups… but Guild #6 Banking & Finance leaping out of the 3rd Strata. Guild #1 bounced after coming in last, joining Banking and Finance as the biggest gainers of this Survey.


Guild #3, Farming and Food jumps up from 4th to first. Guild #20, Retail and Professional Sales comes in 21st, mirroring a trend that started from the 2nd month of the last place Guild dropping in from 18th place or above.

The simplistic, general Data Analysis above only scratches the surface of the myriad of ways this ‘Manufactured Data—With Meaning™’ can be analyzed.

The unique way theJobSpectrum™ is designed to work, and the Data it is set up to generate, demonstrate new and exciting ways we can ‘Monetize the Cocktail Party Discussion™’, divide and share the ‘Workload’ (which is ‘Just’ filling out the iteration survey) and draw attention to Guilds that would normally reside in obscurity, to point out just one of endless benefits.

The ‘Gamification’ of this Art Installation Exercise manifests a technically harmonious direction. This direction is towards the Positive ‘Structure of Thought®’ that has tremendous potential for all that participate.

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