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The JobSpectrum Survey

This is the genesis of the data collection. It has the potential to evolve and help guide the way we prioritize society - and a statistical Juggernaut with relevance.

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Analyzing the Data

The JobSpectrum™ will be using Miller Indices to quantitatively display not only beautiful information. The 3D nature of this display indicates Direction and Speed in regards to which way the individual Jobs "pull" society.

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The Job Spectrum is a Natural, Perpetual, Self-Sustaining Machine

It will catalog and file the guilds within well-established job categories. It will also be able to start new Guilds for the latest and most advanced jobs being invented every day. These are the Jobs of Tomorrow, of Necessity, of Relevance.

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The Establishment of the Guilds - Assigning Meaning to the Mandelbrot Set

Guilds are the "Bunches of Grapes" that form on the "Vine" that is the Spectrum™, much like the structure of the Mandelbrot Set. The Vine is as long and the bunches are as big as they need to be, all interconnected within the Spiral Structure. They'll grow and shrink according to importance and viability, connected over time that is the z-axis motion up & forward.

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Ranking the Guilds, Posting Monthly Results.

Mobile Device and Technology makes a Service like TheJobSpectrum™ Possible. The JobSpectrum™ Participants rank the Guilds themselves on a Monthly Basis. The Results of The JobSpectum™ Survey are posted on the 22nd of every month, 12 times a year.

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As Guilds Grow, Unique Ad Opportunities Germinate

Want to Advertise to a captive audience made up of Like-minded job titles? Advertise on the JobSpectrum™ Surveys to specific Guilds while they are filling out the survey itself... Knowing they are getting a large % of the Ad Revenue, Brand loyalty is key.

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Understanding How The JobSpectrum™ Works

At its base, theJobSpectrum™ is a participatory survey service. But it’s so much more than that. It is a Virtual Art Installation that is Monetized by Shared Advertising revenue, split out by the results of the monthly Survey itself. It is also an attempt to be what Dr. Bruce Lipton calls an ‘Imaginal Cell’ for the business world – which is in dire need of new perspective.

theJobSpectrum™ is a new business concept that was not possible until technology caught up with the idea. It is a Clock, or Timekeeper for the business world, and to a greater degree Civilization, and how it “feels” about itself, month to month.

Since it has the potential to track what it thinks of itself, or literally ‘Ourselves’ on a monthly basis, it will build an Index over time and can help us find Pattern, Shape and Form in a 3 Dimensional format – which more importantly shows actual Direction. This can help society start the path forward towards Positive Thought Structure™.

With a unique business and profit sharing model based on Sacred Geometry, the laws of nature known as the Fibonacci Sequence and Phi Ratio, which were imbedded a large % of Ancient Architecture, this ‘prehistorical’ forgotten  knowledge, theJobSpectrum™ is a virtual, perpetual motion, statistical generator, with the capacity to mark the time—for the way society examines itself, prioritizes its workers and the Jobs they do, and sets about solving the many challenges that we face as a more connected, global society.

The ThoughtStructure® exists for the most positive, exceptional reality possible. theJobSpectrum™ can help bring about a more participatory, kinder, more benevolent and altruistic Consciousness for all Earthings, great and small.

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