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a JobSpectrum™ Analogy: Literally Weaving a New, Fairer, Better Story

The use of analogy in the naming of modern actions and subjects is extremely common –  an analogy can be used as a teaching tool – they bridge from the ‘known’ to fresh, innovative concepts because they describe what these do in ways to be understood by the greatest number of people possible. For example: Conversation Threads. Spinning a Yarn. Weaving a Tale. String theory. The Tapestry of Life. The …Read More

theJobSpectrum™-Discover a ‘Brand-New’ Archetype

On the Monday after the Spring Equinox, the theJobSpectrum™ Archetype (definition), Concept and Mechanism will soft launch.  To start, we will be a bit rough around the edges. As we move forward towards the Positive, we’ll become more streamlined. The goal is to find ways for modern civilization, with all its fluctuating  challenges, to assign value to our rapidly evolving  job categories. We arrange these into 21 ‘Starter’ Guilds. By …Read More

Watch theJobSpectrum™ Teaser Video

Last year I made this ‘Teaser Video’ to try to encapsulate the Motivations, Reasoning and Spirit into this evolution in the Thought Structure® called theJobSpectrum.  I attempted to reach out to the wide variety of intellectuals I based much of my knowledge and research upon, and  to further develop theJobSpectrum™ idea… which is of course based upon the work, research and sweat equity of this wide variety of  alternative thinkers.