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Origins of the JobSpectrum™

The idea for theJobSpectrum™ was borne, of all things, on the contemplation of Baseball statistics. The predicaments of the Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox both blowing their leads in their respective League Championship Series in 2003 seemed astronomically unbelievable. But no one asked the question.

There had to be a mystical reason to the “Why” both teams of painful tradition just collapsed in spectacular fashion.  From this observance of what blakeArt deemed ‘The Structure of Thought®’, the ‘I Deus’ of theJobSpectrum came about.


The Art piece that is the Genesis of theJobSpectrum™: Overanalysis Paralysis Expo Facto, Fall of 2003. This is Blake’s first attempt to think dimensionally about the Structure of Thought® Behind the ‘Why’ the Cubs and Red Sox imploded in their matching respective championship series, or as Squire Rushnell would label a ‘GodWink’ the OmniVers™ giving a glimpse behind the curtain of its machinery.

On the Structure of Thought® and theJobSpectrum™

Click on the above link to view the Pecha-Kucha presentation on the ‘Origins of theJobSpectrum™ & the Structure of Thought®’

To explain the link above, Pecha-Kucha is like an ‘Open Mic Night’ for PowerPoint demonstrations. With Pecha-Kucha groups world wide, its format is 20 slides, x 20 per slide Ted-Talk type talk.  Matt Blake conjured up a 100,000 foot view of his own “Why behind the Why” of what he has coined “The Structure of Thought™” and jammed as much information in general terms within the 6 minute, 40 second talk as possible.

Blake starts out his presentation by quoting the Philosopher Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who said ‘Architecture is Frozen Music’… but adding if that is the case, ‘…then Design is Frozen Thought (Structure)®,’ which is formulated from:

  • The statistical anomalies of baseball, which in turn,
  • Create the uncanny and divinely inspired coincidences that happen,
  • The electrical nature of the universe,
  • The latest science and discoveries within quantum physics,
  • Merged with suppressed and forgotten discoveries in human history,
  • The ability to ‘think like a Vegan’ regarding his love for the Quantitative
    Display of Information and Miller Indices, Fractals and Mandelbrot Sets,
  • And reflecting on the Paradox of existence itself  –

It is from this ‘gumbo’ of contemplation – this ‘Giant Clockwork Mechanism’ potential of theJobSpectrum™ started to click into place, resulting in this fully functional, ‘out of the box’ Business Model.

This is the thesis and genesis of this incredible process.

It is in this spirit, of his ability to ‘Tune into’ this particular reality, a reality that already has always existed, but has not been manifested into this particular physical realm, until now.

All possibilities exist – that’s a hard concept for the majority to grasp – but like the Art that it is, theJobSpectrum™ is a compilation of a multifaceted, virtual Art Installation, with the potential for everyone to participate.

And if that is the case, now that we have the tools and technology, there’s no reason we can’t design a kinder, gentler, more efficient, safer, less abrasive, better economy. For all Mankind.


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