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What is theJobSpectrum™ exactly?

At its core, theJobSpectrum™ is an Art Project. But it is more about the Art of Existing Together on this planet, and trying to use how we value each other to our collective advantage. This is accomplished by the Participants completing a Survey specifically designed to be, once learned, a simple way build an Index of Meaningful Data. This in turn will generate revenue for all who wish to participate in whatever capacity they decide.

What is the Purpose of theJobSpectrum™, why create this crazy ‘Art Project?’

Right now society is struggling to cope with rapid change – technology, regulations, outsourcing, exploitation, corruption.

theJobSpectrum™ is an attempt to find a completely new way for Civilization to not only think differently about itself, but to Compensate each other in a totally new way, that can’t be outsourced, and can include as many of us as possible to work. theJobSpectrum™ utilizes Knowledge and Technology that already exists to do this.

What is a Guild and why are they called that?

In this instance, he closest definition for Guild that fits is ‘an association of people for mutual aid or the pursuit of a common goal or task’. This is one of the many ways tJS™ ‘Reshuffles’ society and helps all of us think differently about how we view ourselves and each other.

Surveys are annoying. Why should I waste my time taking this one?

Great Question. theJobSpectrum™ is designed to be incredibly easy and a part-time endeavor. The survey is just 3 questions long, that you repeat over and over again for every Variable, which are the Guilds.

For example, in this particular Survey segment (since this is the first one) there are 21 ‘Starter’ Guilds total. That means there are 3×21 separate survey questions, for 63 total. When more Guilds are added to theJobSpectrum™, the survey will grow longer. But once you get the hang of it, it’s designed to be done very quickly.

How does theJobSpectrum™ make money?

theJobSpectrum™ is the world’s first Shared Labor, Shared Revenue Advertising & Marketing Media Channel. Around and between each Survey question will be ad space, from static ads to video clips. After money is removed for taxes, a significant percentage of every Advertising Media Purchase by those who want to advertise will go into a Monthly Purse. That in turn will go to those Participants who fill out the survey.

I hate that idea. Why would I subject myself to watching and looking at advertising online?

Another Great Question. Advertising is everywhere – on billboards when you drive, Ads on the radio, on the television, in the magazines you read, on the Websites you surf . However, you don’t earn a dime from any of that – the owners of the Media you are viewing do.

theJobSpectrum™ Participants are also the cooperative ‘owners’ of the Survey, and the Media that generates it. Being a JobSpectrum Participant means you are actually getting paid to watch Ads. However, the Companies, Corporations and organizations who choose to place ads on theJobSpectrum™ survey don’t control who gets that money – the Participants do, on a month-to-month basis.

Why should I participate - what is in it for me, and how do I make money?

You make money by how your Guild scores in the Monthly Survey Results. When you sign up to be a Participant, you are asked 3 things – Your Name, your Birthday, and what Guild to which you would like to align yourself . You can only belong to one Guild at a time.

What else is in it for you as a participant is, based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback we have received, is that it makes you Think in a variety of new ways. By assigning Value to the different tasks we all perform, we can prioritize, reward, evenly distribute, become more nimble and much less reactionary as a society.

What? How does THAT work? Does it have to do with whatever Guild I belong to?

Yes. Your Guild will have a different score that will determine its ranking within theJobSpectrum™ results for that particular month. Based upon the monthly ‘Purse’ raised by the Ad Media buys, your Guild will be rewarded its Percentage of that, and distributed among the Guild members.

The best analogy we’ve come up with is that it works like professional Golf. For Example, the 21 Guilds are like individual golfers in a tournament. The ‘playing of the 4×18 holes of Golf’ are akin to the Participants answering the Survey. At the end, the golfers are ranked 1-21, first to last place, with some ties thrown in here and there. The Purse at the end of the tournament is divided among the golfers, with the totals adjusted to fit.

How and When do I receive a payment?

The design of theJobSpectrum™ imbeds flexibility in dealing with the initial aspects of payment to its Participants. After you take the survey, at the end of that roughly 30 day period and initially after the survey results are released, there will be a 89 day “grace period until the Monetary credits will be available. Plus, this is the reminder that your next 30 day period to Participate and take the survey once again, on schedule. After this initial 89 days, you will receive a payment roughly every 30 days after that, based upon the Ad Revenue raised, and your Monthly Guild Ranking scores.

Have a specific question you’d like answered that you don’t see here? Email us at info@theJobSpectrum.com and we will share as much knowledge as possible about this brand new, dynamic concept.