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Welcome to the Launch of theJobSpectrum™

The World's first Shared Labor, Shared Revenue Advert and Marketing Mechanized Survey - Built upon the Eternal Laws of Nature. Hover over banner to pause Slides.

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tJS™ is the world's first Shared Labor, Shared Revenue Media Mechanism

it IS an actual Mechanism, built of Data we manufacture, that is governed by the Mathematical Principles of Nature

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This Data is built from a Specially Designed Survey

and this Data is Manufactured by all of us, together. It's a new Kind of Labor or Work, that gives all of us Better & Novel Options as a Society

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The Survey Ranks the ‘Guilds’ like Golfers in a Tournament

The Data ranks the Guilds every 30 or so days, 12 times a year.

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We're Attempting to Invent a New Sport Or Procedure

tJS™ takes familiar, positive aspects of society, and like a new recipe, re-purposes them in a positive, nourishing as opposed to parasitical fashion.

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Like ‘CrossFit®’ for the World of Business

The World Economy has become directionless and ‘Flabby’. tJS™ Survey re-purposes Priorities, enables tangible compassion and Assigns Value, which will help ‘Shape Up’ our economy, on a Monthly, Part-time basis

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Anyone can Participate from your Phone, Tablet or Laptop

tJS™ is designed to engage as many Participants as Possible; a different, more relevant type of cross-section

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This is the ‘Shared Labor’ aspect of tJS™

If you are a ‘Air’ Sign, you are eligible to take theJobSpectrum™ Survey from January 23th, 2017 -February 20ish, 2017.

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We'll be starting up theJobSpectrum™ again in March 2018 - be on the lookout..!

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TheJobSpectrum.com ‘Manufacturing Data–With Meaning™’


The Philosophy of theJobSpectrum™

The problems of the Earth have many Diagnosis, but few proposed Solutions. tJS™ is an attempt to template new solutions with a myriad of uses.

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theJobSpectrum™ - a Lean-Startup Launch

Launch, Learn, Adapt - but tJS™ even challenges the Lean Startup model - from a 2D cycle to a 3D Spiral, towards the Positive Thought Structure®

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theJobSpectrum™ Beta Test Results / Monthly Rankings

New Post! Examine the Monthly Rankings of theJobSpectrum™ Survey that Drive Content, Direction and Interest

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theJobSpectrum™ Beta Test Results / Compensation

New Post! The Beta2 Tests Results by the sample tJS™ survey: Manufacturing Data–with Meaning™ Ranking totals, Comparison & Compensation

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How does this new concept work?

Rules of theJobSpectum - Participants

LtheJobSpectrum™ survey is designed to engage as many Participants as possible, using the governing laws of nature and mathematics. This interpretation of the rules is fluid, and can fluctuate over time, however only striving for the betterment of trying to achieve the fairness and mathematical beauty that benefits the many over the few.

theJobSpectrum™ is the world’s first Shared Labor, Shared Revenue Advertising and Marketing Mechanism.

Becoming a Participant

When you sign up to Participate in theJobSpectrum™, you separate yourself from other Participants by the Guild you join and by your Birthday. Your Birthday designates when you participate in the Survey, which is the Shared Labor part of how it works.

You participate 3 times a year, according to your astrological category, meaning you participate with all the other Fire, Earth, Air and Water signs. You will roughly have 30 days to take the survey for each segment, give or take a day or two, according to the calendar.

During the month of your Birthday, your Survey scores will count 3x their value as opposed to the other 2 times of the year, when the other 2 signs in your grouping participate – they “pull against” the strength of the birthday sign with a 3:2 ratio.

For example, for the Aries month of voting which will start the Inaugural JobSpectrum™, anyone whose sign is Aries Survey results will be counted 3x, while the other Fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius, only count 1x. But you add both of those together, and they add up to the 2 in the 3:2 scenario.

Joining a Guild

The Latest from the blog

a JobSpectrum™ Analogy: Literally Weaving a New, Fairer, Better Story

The use of analogy in the naming of modern actions and subjects is extremely common –  an analogy can be used as a teaching tool – they bridge from the ‘known’ to fresh, innovative concepts because they describe what these do in ways to be understood by the greatest number of people possible. For example: Conversation Threads. Spinning a Yarn. Weaving a Tale. String theory. The Tapestry of Life. The world wide Web. Cut from the same Cloth. This hopefully leads to understanding and recognition by the viewer to how things work, sometimes in a roundabout fashion. So let me use an analogy of what theJobSpectrum™ is and the Potential

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theJobSpectrum™-Discover a ‘Brand-New’ Archetype

On the Monday after the Spring Equinox, the theJobSpectrum™ Archetype (definition), Concept and Mechanism will soft launch.  To start, we will be a bit rough around the edges. As we move forward towards the Positive, we’ll become more streamlined. The goal is to find ways for modern civilization, with all its fluctuating  challenges, to assign value to our rapidly evolving  job categories. We arrange these into 21 ‘Starter’ Guilds. By far the biggest challenge facing us is the question of ‘What is theJobSpectrum™, and what does it do?’ The bottom line is this:  theJobSpectrum™ is a Survey-Based Mechanism.  It uses preexisting, proven concepts and knowledge to frame and rearrange the way

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Watch theJobSpectrum™ Teaser Video

Last year I made this ‘Teaser Video’ to try to encapsulate the Motivations, Reasoning and Spirit into this evolution in the Thought Structure® called theJobSpectrum.  I attempted to reach out to the wide variety of intellectuals I based much of my knowledge and research upon, and  to further develop theJobSpectrum™ idea… which is of course based upon the work, research and sweat equity of this wide variety of  alternative thinkers.

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